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Palm Spring Boudoir Photographers

You know that Beyonce song “Run the World (Girls)”? You know the one, “who run the world Girls, girls”, (sorry, now it’s in your head) Well, I don’t looooove the song, BUT I want to instill that “Beyonce” style confidence in all my lady friends. Every woman. Every day. I want you to feel like a champion. To feel gorgeous and strong. And I’m excited to hopefully remind you to feel that way. How the heck am I going to do that you ask?

Boudoir. Oh how I love boudoir. It’s always been a huge passion of mine, and I’m so excited to finally start shooting a lot of it.

I’ve thought a lot about branding my boudoir work separate from my wedding and other photography work; completely different studio name, separate blog and portfolio, ect. And while I may still do that, I do know that I need to share some of it here too. I would not separate my work to hide my boudoir work by any means. I shoot boudoir and I honestly so very fortunate to be able to have such a positive impact on any lady’s life.

Boudoir photography is not dirty. It is sexy, sometimes steamy, and always beautiful. Women are constantly bombarded with images of models, celebrities and movie stars who are fed, dressed, primped and airbrushed to look good for a living. It’s easy as a woman to constantly compare yourself to these images and just feel like no amount of dieting, makeup or fancy clothes could ever make us feel pretty (not that we need ANY of those things to be pretty).

We pinch and prick and look in the mirror and compare ourselves to others. But that’s why we need boudoir. Every woman deserves a reminder that she is beautiful. Every body is perfect in all it’s glory, and every woman needs to remember to embrace herself and love herself.

If I can take these images and give you a reminder that you are beautiful, you are capable, you are confident, and you fierce, flawless and utterly fantastic – any combination of those or hopefully all – I will feel like I’ve done my job. And I’ll feel pretty dang awesome, that I can help you uncover those feelings. Because you absolutely deserve to feel that way.

A couple times a year I have boudoir “marathons” and I bring along some friends who do hair and makeup, I bring some champagne, and we have a lovely time. Professional hair and makeup just makes you feel like more of the bombshell you are, and it’s nice to have the time to relax and unwind before your session. This session was part of my last boudoir marathon in Palm Springs. These sessions make a wonderful Valentine’s gift for your hubby, or a wedding gift for you fiance, but I also think they’re something you should absolutely do for yourself.

So, without further adieu, here is my first boudoir blog. Thanks to this fabulous lady for owning it, AND for letting me share these pictures with the world.

And, I must thank a very amazing group of friends for helping me bring this all together! Including Alysia from Alysia V Artistry for the wonderful makeup, and Amie McNair for the fabulous hair!


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