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I don’t want anyone to see these images except my husband, can we keep these just between us?

Absolutely. Nothing is shared on the internet without your permission. I promise.

So….do I have to get…. naked?

NO! I tailor these sessions to your individual comfort level, and even have some girls who use these sessions as a “glamour” session, and take this time to get girly, get dolled up, and wear their favorite little black dress. It’s whatever makes you feel “pretty”. ¬†We think knee socks and your husband’s favorite jersey, an off-the-shoulder sweater, a lacy matching bra + panty set, and a slinky black dress are all equally wonderful. It’s all about you.

What about posing?

I will help you through the whole process. I will give you pointers and poses as we’re shooting, and make sure that you feel comfortable and look flawless! I do suggest you spend some time before your shoot browsing pinterest, and Victoria Secrets catalogs for posing ideas, and then spend a little time in front of the mirror practicing. It may sound silly, but it will help you feel more comfortable with your posing <3

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, and we encourage it! Please let us know you plan on bringing someone, since some locations are tight on space, but we’d love to host your girlfriends as well. It’s so much fun to sip champagne together and chat while you get hair and makeup done. Many girls incorporate boudoir sessions into their bachelorette parties too! Please contact us for special group discounts!

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